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Did you know that Mazak Micro Disk System disks cannot normally be read on a PC?

So when your drive breaks you have 3 alternatives -

1. Hunt for a second hand one and hope it's in better condition than your broken one then carry on whilst hoping the same doesn't happen again.

2. Discard all your programs for those jobs that you have spent hours creating.


3. Let us convert your disks to PC format files that can be backed up and read by PC software.

Conversion of your disks to CNCLINK format is 15+VAT per disk
(Minimum order 60+VAT -  Qty 20+ Bulk discounts apply)

You will need to send your disks to us via an insured courier service and we will email the converted files back to you asap.   The original disks can also be returned if requested.

The files we create can be backed up just like any PC files but you will need CNCLINK software to communicate the files to/from the CNC. The PC files are in binary so therefore viewing and printing is NOT an option. Conversion to other formats may be available, please call.

Please give us a call if you want to discuss or place an order.

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