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BIG changes are coming for CNCLINK Remote, new products new prices, ask us while we work on the website.

When including the option of remote access with CNCLINK major benefits are added which will recover your investment many times over.

What is remote access ?

When using remote access, CNC operators request the required programs directly from the CNC without having to go back and forth to the computer.

bulletNo queuing at the PC.
bulletNo laptop or PC trolley to setup.
bulletNo data switch to forget to set.
bulletPC is always ready to receive a program or request for program.
bulletAll CNC machines can communicate at the same time.

PC can be used for other things while CNCLINK works in the background.

There are a lot of different ways of working with remote access,  it seems everyone has different requirements and methods that for one reason or another they need to continue with.  CNCLINK remote access has many settings to make it flexible enough to cope the demand of working the way you want it to work. 


How does it work ?

CNC Machine Computer
A command is sent from the CNC to the computer which contains a reference to the program that is required.  


The computer will detect the command automatically and get ready to send the requested program back to the CNC.
Operator presses Input and the program arrives.  


How does the command get sent ?

You have a choice, and may depend on the machine controller type or/and your own preferences for quality control procedures.

  1. The command can be contained within a very short (1 or 2 lines) program

    N10 S1234       
    (N10S is the command, 1234 is the program required)

  2. If your CNC has a full keyboard you can use

    (SEND 1234)      
    (SEND is the command, 1234 is the program required)

  3. You just punch out the command program as you would any other program.

If you use long filenames or to have more control over what programs get loaded to machines you can use a barcode scanner to send the command and filename. 
Barcodes can easily be printed on standard printers from within CNCLINK.  The barcode contains either the filename on the computer or if it is a long filename the barcode will be a short reference to the long filename.

What about saving proven programs back to the computer ?

If you want to save the program back to the computer and the filename information is within the program then just punch out the program and it will be saved in the specified folder for that machine with the specified name.  It could not be any simpler.

O8372 (TEST PIECE)        (8372 or TEST PIECE or both can be used as the filename)

If the filename is not within the program then you just send a command before the program which tells the computer to receive a program and save it with the specified name.

CNC Machine


Edit the command program

N10R837462 (restricted keypad)
  (RECEIVE 837462)
(If you have a full keypad)

and punch it out

  Gets ready to receive program.
Punch out the program that wants saving  
  Receives program and saves as 837462 and waits for next command

Or of course you could use a barcode scanner to send the RECEIVE command and filename.

What if I make a mistake ?

If you request the wrong program or you get an alarm condition at the machine during a transfer ie. Mem full etc. all you do is issue a reset command to the computer and start again.

Where do the programs get saved to ?

When setting up the system you decide how you want to use the system, we have many options which are all specific to each and every machine.

bulletPath for sending out from
bulletPath for receiving to
bulletAutomatic file overwriting or not
bulletAdd Filename prefix or/and suffix
bulletSpecify separate file extensions for Data in and Out

What about special Protocols, do they cost extra ?

Unlike some of our competitors we do not charge extra for special protocols.


Remote Mazatrol is available with automatic work number and description extraction from Mazatrol code for use as a filename.  For ISO Mazatrol, the standard methods described previously work well.


Heidenhain TNC (FE1 & FE2 Mode)
Heidenhains own protocol which allows full access to programs but is restricted to 8 character filenames by the Heidenhain control.


Fanuc Data Server & Fanuc Networking
Uses FTP Server which is included with CNCLINK.

What if I have a problem and can't sort it myself ?

Each machine has it's own log of what has happened on the port and is displayed by the click of a button.  If you cannot sort the problem print the log and fax or email it to us. 

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