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With CNCLINK Pocket Receiving programs is just a few taps.
(Even easier now with Automatic File Naming)


Sending programs back is just as simple


Programs can be stored on the pocket PC device so that they can be automatically synchronized with your desktop PC and you can save them to a memory card (like a SD or CF card) for extra portability.

Programs are saved in TXT format (Pocket Word compatible) for ease of editing and with the EDITOR shortcut locating the correct file is simple. (Although any file extension can be catered for)

If you want to know more about what Configuration options are available see the Configure Page

To take advantage of CNCLINK Pocket you need -

bulletA Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or later (Must have RS232 capability)
bulletA Serial Sync Cable suitable for your Pocket PC. (Not USB only sync cable, some are USB and Serial(ie.IPAQ) )
bulletA cable adaptor to suit your CNC type. (Buy from us or assemble yourself to spec provided)

If you are unsure what you have or have a older/newer device type then let us know and we should be able to create an installation package for it with no obligation to purchase.

We can help you locate all the correct parts to get CNCLINK Pocket working, just checkout our Pocket Links Page or drop us a line.  

Download Free Trial              Price List

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